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*"The University Against Itself"  -Review*
*The first building of the New York University was built up in Washington
Square in 1835, in the heart of the Greenwich Village. Its marble was
supplied by not-paid work of Sing-sing’s prisoners. *Against this widely
diffused practice, the year before the stonecutters raided the office of the
contractor’s firm causing a 2.000 dollar damage: only the intervention of
the National Guard managed to put down the first riot of the labor movement
in New York.  Today the NYU is one of the leading model of global
university: from Accra to Abu Dhabi and Shangai, it is an trans-national
brand of Higher Education. Such a model is based on the capture of
precarious labour in the contemporary “quarries” where knowledge is
produced. The circuits of the cognitive capital accumulation cross porous
borders and compose a complex articulation of figures: from the adjunct
professors and graduate student, to janitors and service workers. Once
again, only the struggles of living labour are able to break the coordinates
of exploitation. This is the subject of *The University Against
Itself*(Temple University Press, 2008) edited by Monica Krause, Mary
Nolan, Michael
Palm and Andrew Ross. [...]

*.::: Latest News :::.

**Students occupy NYU- Police arrest 22 *
About 20 police officers wearing helmets and carrying batons, plastic
shields and pepper spray entered a New School building at 65 Fifth Avenue
around 11 a.m. on Friday, arresting 19 protesters who had occupied it as
part of a determined protest aimed at the university’s president, Bob
Kerrey. [...]
Le président de l'université Rennes-II séquestré *
Une centaine d'étudiants ont envahi lundi la présidence de l'université
Rennes-II, et retenaient dans la soirée son président, Marc Gontard,
d'autres dirigeants et plusieurs employés dans le bâtiment. [...]

*Police in Egypt arrested 25 students *
On Saturday, beating them and five lawyers ahead of a planned nationwide
strike on Monday to protest against government policies. [...]
Australia: education services ranks as the third largest export category *
Analysing Australia’s global higher ed export industry: education services
ranks as the third largest export category earner for the year 2007-08,
behind coal and iron ore. The globalization of higher education and research
is creating and attracting new players and new analysts. [...]

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