Richard Barbrook on Tue, 14 Apr 2009 03:05:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> help needed urgently - spread the word

Dear nettimers - here's an email which I have just received from a friend in


!! please do NOT forward this email without deleting my name and email
address, foreigners are ending up in jail here right now for innocuous


heavily armed troops and fascist paramilitaries are attacking workers
across Bangkok.

I was at the major demonstration today site and saw tens of thousands of
pro-democracy activists - men, women and children - enjoying a political
festival whilst grimly aware of the hundreds of troops who were already
attacking and killing their brothers and sisters in other parts of Bangkok.
Back home I hear that troops are entering the entirely peaceful compounds
set up to protest against the current government (led bizarrely by Boris
Johnston's public school buddy). Media coverage here is dire and is
painting a malign picture of red mobs attacking troops and burning vehicles
(when it is not encouraging people to purchase mobile phones or passively
consume reality tv).  This is far from the truth. From what I have seen
this is a mass non-violent protest pushed to its limits by state aggression
and a general sense that there is nothing left to do but resist. As one
middle-aged demonstrator said to me today, "We have nothing left to lose,
they have taken everything else."

What we can see on the international news channels is far from up to date
and seems to be heavily influenced by state managed media (including
massive internet censorship). The red shirts have asked all foreign
supporters here to work the networks and spread the truth ... a brutal
attack on democracy and its champions is unfolding here in Thailand. People
are being beaten, killed and terrorized for simply saying that enough is
enough and democracy is possible.  Please encourage others to check the
truth at sites like
and raise the issue in their organisations/ networks.


cheers mate and don't forget to delete my details, a long spell in a hot prison
is not the top of my wish list at present

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