Miltos Manetas on Wed, 22 Apr 2009 23:44:44 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> On the Pirate Bay conviction- See you in Venice

Well, now is the time to DO something about all these issues. It
should be easy-fast-beautiful and effective and it should have a
lasting impact.

I propose a General Meeting at the Venice Biennial during the opening
days. These are June 3, 4, 5,6, and these are the days that the art
proffesionals are invited but the large public is not. The show opens
its doors to the "Public" on June 7.

I say, "Come to Venice, bring your friends, meet outside the gates
of the really Gated Community which is the Art World. Use tricks,
fake press cards, anything to get inside or even better, stay outside
occupy the caffe around the Giardini, make NUMBER. The cream of the
press will be there, I leave to your immagination how to engage it.
NUMBER counts, the PirateBay is NUMBER, people who want to keep the
Internet free is NUMBER. Wearing the same T-shirt (I propose a logo
that says "Iamgonnacopy" its NUMBER enough.

The IamgonnaCopy Meeting at the context of the first Internet
Pavilion, how does that sound?

Shall we?

All best

Miltos Manetas

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