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<nettime> Fwd: Wikipedia challenges "Wikipedia Art"

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From: Scott Kildall <>
Subject: [NetBehaviour] Wikipedia challenges "Wikipedia Art"

Hi everyone,

I have been keeping quiet about this development until today.

A brief history: On February 14th, 2009, Nathaniel Stern and I 
launched the Wikipedia Art intervention on Wikipedia, which generated 
knots of discussion on what was deemed encyclopedia-worthy. The full 
archive of this project is at

A few weeks ago, I was sent a letter from the Wikimedia legal counsel
(they run Wikipedia) which challenged the Wikipedia Art project
(specifically the domain name, which I was the registrant of) on the
grounds of trademark infringement since we were using the "Wikipedia"
name in the project. This is despite the fact that the project is a
non-commercial commentary of Wikipedia.

Here is an article written by Corynne McSherry from
the Electronic Frontier Foundation on the Wikimedia
action, in support of the Wikipedia Art project:

And this is a brief legal history along with a personal statement that
we put up on the site:

It certainly has been an interesting few weeks and in my various
consultations with lawyers, I have learned a *lot* about intellectual
property and cyberlegal issues.

Best wishes,
Scott Kildall

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