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Against the unsustainable G8 university summit, in the city of Turin. *
The object of the meeting is to propose itself as a direct referring point
for the G8 of the heads of State and Government  who will meet in city of
Aquila (Italy) next summer. The meeting has given itself the objective to
advise the great leaders of the world about the problems the humanity and
the planet are facing, basing on the supposed "neutral and objective"
character of the knowledge produced by universities. [...]

*Shave Tuition Costs *
On the morning of April 10, dozens of students from around Korea descended
on the Presidential Palace (Cheong Wa Dae) in central Seoul to demand the
government reduce university tuition fees by half and address unemployment
problems facing graduates. Twenty students, including student leaders from
Busan National University, Joong-ang University, Hongik University, among
others, had their heads shaved in a traditional action of protest. [...]

*Occupation of philosophy dept in Zagreb- Croatia *
300 students occupied Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University
of Zagreb, with a message "One world, one fight, free education", against
the commercialization of education. [...]

*Occupation of Tampere university *
We, the students of University of Tampere, have  staged an  overnight
occupation of our university  as  a  protest against   current   trends of
Finnish  educational  policy. [...]

The Crisis, the Struggles, and the Production of the Common*
*edu-factory roundtable at Reworking the University*. The university
represents several key sites of conflict diffuse across its increasingly
porous boundaries with society:  the control over our production and use of
knowledge in daily life, the reproduction of the labor force, the creation
of hierarchies and divisions across lines of race, ethnicity, class and
gender, etc. [...]

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