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Re: <nettime> Fwd: Wikipedia challenges "Wikipedia Art"

Hi all,

You may be interested to see the discussion at

The Wikipedia Art event occurred on the same day as the Wikipedia Loves
Art. The people organising the Wikipedia Loves Art event don't appear to
Love Wikipedia Art. Further more some even maintain that "Wikipedia Loves
Art" doesn't include "Wikipdeia Art".

Anyway, a proposal is being mooted to involve the National Art Library
based at the V&A - one of the institutions involved in Wikipedia Loves Art
- in an anniversary event. It is proposed that this is part of "London
Loves Wikipedia" event organised for Feb 14 2010. It has been suggested
that we review secondary sources to see whether the re-instatement of the
Wikipedia Art wikipedia page is justified according to the rules. This will
itself be a piece of performative art.

Anyway, If you are in London on Sunday May 17 why not pop down for a pub
lunch and Penderel's Oak in Holborn and see how the London Wikipedia meet
up deals with all this.


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Subject: Re: <nettime> Fwd: Wikipedia challenges "Wikipedia Art"
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Hello all -

I'd like to share an excerpt of a longer piece, in which I discuss
some of my views on Wikipedia Art.  The full article (an interview
conducted by Annet Decker), "Inventing the Future: Art and Net
Ontologies," and will be published in the next month or so in the
volume _Walled Garden_  Amsterdam: Virtueel Platform, 2009.

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