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*Germany: strike of education *

"Campus-Camps" were set up on various campuses in about 15 cities the
Institute for Philosophical studies in Heidelberg was occupied + later that
day the Romanic Institute was occupied as well the main building of the Ruhr
- University in Bochum was blocked by activists all entries of buildings on
campus Grifflenberg of the University of Wuppertal were blocked by students
the complete Otto-Suhr Institute for political sciences [which is part of
the Free University Berlin] together with the Institute for Eastern European
studies were occupied in Berlin the institute for architecture of the
Technical University of Berlin sit-in (~ 30 people) blocking the entry of
the state chancellery [...]

On Wednesday, 17th June 260.000 kids, parents, students and researchers took
the streets of more than 70 Germany cities to protest at the educational
system, claiming for money, better conditions of labour, against the rise of
university tuition fees, and demanding quality of knowledge in a university
where now students "learn anything?. In Berlin, a huge demonstration of
30.000 persons started in Alexander Platz and arrived at Humboldt
University: place and symbol of the old model of the elite university has
been invaded by students and symbolically covered by toilet papers. [...]


*10 years of Bologna process - Belgrade students! *

*In Serbia, the Bologna process came with an enormous rise of tuition fees
from year to year, chaos in the system and impoverishment of the curriculum.
For the tenth anniversary of Bologna declaration, the students of Belgrade
universities organized a performance called "What is the price of
knowledge?" in the main walking street in Belgrade.* [...]


*The Post-Corporate University *

**We would like to bring to your attention an online experiment that is
currently taking place titled The Post-Corporate University. Edited and
curated by Davin Heckman, it is the second volume in Culture Machine?s
Liquid Books series. The volume is available now online and is open for
discussion, contributions and open collaboration. [...]

* *

*Justice for SOAS Cleaners - Stop Deportations!**

*SOAS directorate block occupied over brutal deportation of SOAS cleaners
University cleaners who won living wage detained after dawn raid. *Students
and allies at the University of London?s School of School of Oriental and
African Studies (SOAS) have occupied the university today to protest against
managers? attacks on migrant workers. [...]


*Scientific Community Teargassed in Brazil **

*120 professors and about 1,200 students and university workers were beaten
and teargassed in the main campus of the University of S?o Paulo in Brazil
last Tuesday (June 9).* Conflicts started after a one month strike of
university workers whose employment status is being disputed due to a legal
controversy over university autonomy to hire its workers without approval of
state representatives. [...]

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