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Re: <nettime> Facebook demands Cease & Desist for the "Web 2.0 Suicide Machine"

They came up at the same time, a coincidence I'm sure. They have 
slightly different statements, suicide machine is more about getting an 
offline life, seppukoo advocates for a return to online anonymity 
Also they work in different ways, for my understanding the first uses a 
remote computer to simulate user interaction and removes content and 
contacts one by one while streaming a video of the process in real time; 
the latter disables the profiles and puts a "memorial" in the attempt to 
virally spread the practice within the social network.

I think the key of the cease and desist letter (aside of the IP 
infringement that can be defended as fair use/parody) is the login 
information. Both projects ask for the Facebook username and password, a 
practice similar to the malicious phishing. FB has APIs that allow third 
parties to interface with their system but the login process is never 
"outsourced" as it potentially grants access to private data of unaware 
users (the friends of the user).

This raises an interesting paradox: if can't give away my FB personal 
data because it is intertwined with other users data, Facebook becomes 
the exclusive manager of online identities under its Terms and Conditions. wrote:
> I looked into both Suicidemachines - and they seem quite simular
> (except that the dutch webiste also includes Twitter, Hyves and
> LinkedIn) Can someone tell me what the difference is between both art
> projects?
> Thanks, ine

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