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Re: <nettime> Facebook demands Cease & Desist for the "Web 2.0 Suicide Machine"

Dear nettimers,

this is Dedalus from Les Liens Invisibles, the authors of seppukoo

>From our experience we can say that it seems they have all the
intentions to go on with the legal threat even if this might
sounds so stupid. We have replied with a letter to facebook
( but the
big issue is that before the legal threat they technically blocked any
access from seppukoo (as they've done with SM). In other words they're
just waiting we cross their boundaries again. Then they'll decide if
there is any convenience in attacking Seppukoo or not. So, any other
action will depend on our next step.

To tell the true i don't think Facebook is really scared or outraged
by the idea of a virtual suicide. Of course Facebook holders
don't like the fact that project like Suicide Machine or Seppukoo
reflect badly on them but I don't think they really fear a few
thousands virtual suiciders... Facebook users are 300 millions.
Maybe more. I think they are more interested in the exclusive
ownership of their user's profile data. Just some months ago
a Web 2.0 company,, received a similar letter from
facebook lawyers because this solicited facebook login
informations (maybe it's a bit OT but you can read more here or
google it elsewhere in the internet...)

Florian, do you know how WORM has decided to respond and react
to the C & D? Even if we have to defend ourselves singularly to
these attacks, maybe it would be intersting to counter-attack
facebook on the personal data ownership's front, joining
forces and resources. In case don't hesitate to contact us at

Les Liens Invisibles

"Ci sono cretini che hanno visto la Madonna e ci sono cretini che non
hanno visto la Madonna.
Io sono un cretino che la Madonna non l'ha vista mai.
Tutto consiste in questo, vedere la Madonna o non vederla."

email: dedalus at

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