John Young on Wed, 13 Jan 2010 13:39:46 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Google

Based on the order of issues raised the SVP of Corporate Development
and Chief Legal Officer, oh my out of the mouth of a mouthpiece, what
bothers Google most is the attack on its corporate infrastructure and
theft of intellectural property. No details on that.

And then attacks on numerous corporations like itself. No details on that.

Then the humans rights button is pushed, then faux-sacred Gmail user
privacy. Lots of details on the upside of those but not the complicty
in lack of protection.

Then high-minded invocation of freedom of information and civil
liberties. Lots about those. Nothing about Google's culture of
top secrecy about user data.

In legal and public relations worlds this approach is customarily
deployed to divert attention from the perfidy of the accused caught
by a sting or by tales told by an undercover agent -- i.e.

Google offers nothing to show that Google was not caught red-handed
at the corporate level meddling in Chinese affairs, for its own purposes
or for that of its government, practice not unsuspected around the globe
and especially within the US.

Certainly Google's statement reads like many other corporate (and
governmental) defenses when underhanded operations are discovered
by alleged breach of confidential operations, heh, intellectual property.

Yes, so far only words, no checkable details, no revelations that are
different from a thousand other public appeals for sympathy from
corporations loathe to open up to how they operate -- in secrecy
before all else, except for push-button accusation when pants
are down.

Worse, is the suspicion that Google has joined the throng accusing
China of espionage, as if counterespionage is not legitimate in the
face of an unrelenting onslaught by corporations and governments
eager to cultivate and harvest Chinese consumers.

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