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Re: <nettime> Google

Il giorno 13/gen/10, alle ore 14:07, John Young ha scritto:

> A point in Google's favor:
> At 20:54 ET yesterday Google.CN lifted its ban on images of the
> Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.
> Huge number of downloads followed, and are continuing.

A "good point" should be not supporting censorship at all, from the  
beginning. Not easy? Not my problem, this is Google's business.  
Raising now the flag of speech freedom, without explaining anything at  
all about the supposed hacker attacks they had, is mere rethoric and  
quite useless, to me and to chinese people. Should iranian hackers  
concentrate their efforts on Gmail to obtain a full usable version of  
Google algorythm?

while there is a lower class i am in it / while there is a
criminal element i am of it / while there is a soul in prison,
i am not free

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