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BEHIND THE NEWS with Doug Henwood

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Just posted to my radio archive

January 14, 2010 Robert Fatton on the history and social structure of  
Haiti (excerpts from 2004 interviews—originals here and here) • Tom  
Geoghegan on the evil thing known as the Senate filibuster • Alyssa  
Katz, author of this piece (and the excellent book of Our Lot) on the  
state of the housing market and what good things we can do with all  
the see-through condos left over from the bubble	
January 9, 2010 (KPFA version) Michael Rose of the Bureau of National  
Affairs on the BNA’s survey of economists’ projections for 2010 •  
Cyrus Bina of the University of Minnesota–Morris on Iran

they join:

December 31, 2009 David Himmelstein on the emerging Democratic health  
reform schemes • Dennis Brutus on South Africa (repeat of July 2008  
interview in memory of the great poet and activist who died on  
December 26)				

December 24, 2009 Sam Gindin, former economic advisor to the Canadian  
Auto Workers union, on bringing the working class back into politics •  
Lucia Green-Weiskel of the Beijing-based NGO Innovation Center for  
Energy and Transportation on the Copenhagen climate conference and  
China’s role in climate politics

December 17, 2009 Gar Lipow on the Copenhagen climate conference and  
the technological path to a post-carbon future (download his book and  
other stuff here) • Kevin Alexander Gray on South Carolina, white  
supremacy, and Obama and black America				
December 10, 2009 Greg Grandin, author of Fordlandia, on Honduras and  
other Latin American hotspots • Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Bright- 
Sided, on enforced good cheer in the USA	
December 5, 2009 (KPFA version) Letitia James of the New York City  
Council and Dana Berliner of the Institute for Justice on the Atlantic  
Yards project in Brooklyn and the depredations of eminent domain  
across the U.S. • Heidi Shierholz of the Economic Policy Institute on  
EPI's jobs program

November 28, 2009 (KPFA only) DH on financial regulation • Bob  
Meister, professor of political science at the UC–Santa Cruz, on the  
crisis in the University of California system			

November 19, 2009 Curt Ellis, co-producer of Big River (and King  
Corn), on the toxic evils of agribusiness • Joel Schalit, author of  
Israel vs. Utopia, on the Israeli politics and identity, and the  
country's relations with the U.S.										

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