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<nettime> Financial cricis, modern art, and literary criticism ...

A funny pass in Edward Chancellor's review of John Lanchester's "Whoops!
on the financial crisis and its causes. The art-cult-net (in)crowd will
probably appreciate... ;-)

"Mr. Lanchester compares the shift in finance over recent decades to the
rise of modernism in the arts. It constituted a "break with common sense,
a turn towards self-referentiality and abstraction, and notions that
couldn't be displayed in workaday English." Finance had become as rotten
as modern literary criticism. The bookish Mr. Lanchester senses a "weird
familiarity about the current crisis: value, in the realm of finance
capital, parallels the elusive nature of meaning in deconstructionism."

full review article at:

Cheerio, p+3D!

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