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Re: <nettime> A scenario digest [Rob Myers, Heiko Recktenwald, John Hopkins]

Hey Rob, Thanks! That's brilliant. I didn't know about it before. I
particularly like the 2300AD game, since I have a novel on the backburner
that takes place then with reference to events around now. Apart from being
the Star Trek century, it fits Edward Gibbon's scenario: Jesus killed at the
beginning of the Roman empire, Christianity emerges 300 years later to
organize the the resistance to Rome in decline. No prizes for guessing which
empire I imgine is taking off now and it isn't French!


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> Subject: Re: <nettime>  A scenario for World War III
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> > 3. The place of World War III has already been chosen.
> Armageddon is a luxury we won't be able to afford the reassurance of
> much longer.
> - Rob.

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