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<nettime> Internet for Democracy. Shut down the Euro Parliament. Now!

Internet for Democracy.
Shut down the Euro Parliament. Now!

"Today the enemy is not called Empire or Capital. It's called Democracy."
Alan Badiou

We think representational democracy is a thing of the past. Its days are
numbered. Few people in so-called Western Democracies can even be bothered
to vote anymore. Indeed, representation can no longer be said to be

We say it's time to embrace the internet era. The internet presents an
unprecedented opportunity to engage our generation, in seizing the future
and making a difference. Let people get involved directly in
decision-making, let people decide what's best for them.

We, digital natives, web-enthusiasts, anarcho-activists and young european
visionaries, strongly believe in the active rule of the Internet in the
democratic process.

With this petition, we are demanding the European Parliament:

    * Desists, with immediate effect, from all its activities. We don't want
to continue paying the bill of an expensive and bureaucratic machine for
something we can do better ourselves from the comfort of our armchairs.
    * Transforms democracy into a real user-centric experience. We declare
that representational democracy no longer works, nor is effective.
    * Creates a brand new click-based model of democracy to replace the
outmoded one. Political parties are every day more distant from the will of
the people, and this is why they have begun to use social media for
promotion. We want to take this further, to the core of the political
process using the most advanced Web 2.0 technologies.

Sign this petition now! Let the people decide!
We demand the internet for democracy!


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