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<nettime> Splish-Splash! Enjoy the summer with UBERMORGEN

Hey Everybody,

We just landed in BASEL for the notorious art show frenzy in this  
small provincial town of switzerl.land - and before we jump into the  
business madness, we wanted to let you know about our latest bits and  
pieces we have come up with during the last few weeks as well as  
those little items that are just ahead of us...

BTW! >> if you are in Basel, pls sms/text, email or call us for a  

Enjoy the summer! -- lizvlx && hans

Item01 - UBERMORGEN at SCOPE BASEL, June 15 - 19
Project shown: DEEPHORIZON - LED lid lightboxes & video
Where to find: Fabio Paris Art Gallery
Project URLs: http://ubermorgen.com/DEEPHORIZON && http://vimeo.com/ 

Item02: video moments with UBERMORGEN - relax lean back enjoy
WOPPOW -- http://vimeo.com/12264646
UGI Universal Health  -- http://vimeo.com/10409634 (00:38:00 - A  
Superenhanced Interrogation (NEW!) -- http://www.vimeo.com/12485728

Item03: EYEBEAM NEW YORK  - "Re:Group – Beyond Models of Consensus",  
June 10 - Aug 7
Project shown: [V]ote-Auction
Exhibition URL and artist list: http://eyebeam.org/events/regroup- 

Item04 - HMKV DORTMUND "Agents & Provocateurs", May 14 -  July 18
Project shown: [V]ote-Auction
Exhibition URL and artist list: http://bit.ly/bwdhQA

Item05 - WEISSES HAUS VIENNA - Solo Exhibition, June 9 - July 17
Project shown (NEW!!!): Asylabwehramt (AAbA) / Asylum Defence Agency
Project URLs: http://asylabwehramt.at/OEFFENTLICHKEIT/07062010e.pdf
Office Exhibition Video -- http://www.vimeo.com/12346600

Image: Billie-Ada Bernhard, 2010, "Untitled", Photobooth, digital jpg  
Courtesy Helmut Lang Gallery, Sandwich/U.K.

------------------------------------- ;) ------------
hans@ubermorgen.com && liz@ubermorgen.com
Skype Hans_Bernhard && lizvlx
Mobile +436509300061 && +436509300060

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