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<nettime> Asylum Defence Agency - SUBPOENA/LADUNG - Kunstverein das weisse haus, Vienna

German/Deutsche Version: http://www.asylabwehramt.at/OEFFENTLICHKEIT/07062010d.pdf

GZ 2P/834752390 PGH
Vienna, June 7 2010

((SEAL))((RUNDZEICHEN)) http://asylabwehramt.at/Bilder/Asylabwehramt_Seal_800x800.png

Asylum Defence Agency / Asylabwehramt (AAbA)

A-1010 Vienna · Wollzeile 1 / Stk.4
International Relations: Tel.: +43 1/23 679-94 · E-Mail: INTREL@asylabwehramt.at
Presse Deutsch: www.asylabwehramt.at/OEFFENTLICHKEIT/07062010d.pdf
Press English: www.asylabwehramt.at/OEFFENTLICHKEIT/07062010e.pdf
Office Edutainment Video: http://vimeo.com/12346600

The Asylum Defence Agency (Asylabwehramt, AAbA) is superordinated to the Defence Office (Abwehramt, AbwA) as well as the Federal Asylum Office and subordinated to the Federal Ministry of National Defence and Sports.

This semi-anonymous and semi-autonomic Agency is responsible for anonymization of asylum proceedings, stopping human trafficking, immigration diversion, and for defending against surplus refugees and asylum seekers. The Agency also takes action in the fields of imigration pre-selection (economic refugees, naturalization), secret deportation, migration analysis for national protection as well as in prevention of re-traumatization and the expansion of bureaucratic barriers.

The Agency disposes of its own intervention force and employs a private security agency which operates both nationally and internationally. The Defense Agency serves the country's and people's self-protection. Subsequently, the Agency takes part in resolving as well as preventing and/or with/without violence the invasion and the undermining of unwanted immigration subjects and the terror occurred through them and through groups in Austria as well as in their countries of origin (IMMINTEL). The Asylum Defense Agency possesses bureaucratic instruments (administrative – adjudicative) as well as instruction competence in the executive ministries (deployment force, immigration authorities, military, private security services) as well as an expanded expertise covering affairs such as torture, denial of assistance and homicides.

Furthermore there are externally located, secured and anonymous centres for people leaving a country deliberately (service point for expatriation/repatriation - PATSEC, outsourced to the leading oil and building construction corporations OMV and Strabag). This service ensures a safe travel back home (http://bit.ly/bmxGyo). Our competent employees offer assistance to all refugees in opening up new perspectives for the refugee's future options in the respective destination country.

The Asylum Defence Agency is also the authority charged with the enforcement of adminstrative acts in all asylum proceedings (first instance verdicts of the Federal Asylum Office). Core to its activities in this field are trustworthy anonymous experts and their respective reports, which are vital in scrutinising any affidavits and reports given by individual refugees and witnesses.

The Office of the Asylum Defence Agency in Vienna consists of a lobby, an adminsitrative office and a head office with an adjacent screening room equipped for video-conferencing with the Agency's international satellite offices, as well as audiovisual documentations and entertainment.

Sincerely yours,
(digitally signed)
OARat Dr. Andreas Bichelbauer

(EOD End of Document) nnnn

Asylabwehramt (AAbA), 2010
Office Installation

Exhibition June 9 - July 17 2010
Kunstverein das weisse haus

ReturnServiceHotline +43 800 20 30 40

((SUBPOENA)) http://www.asylabwehramt.at/Bilder/Subpoena.png
((LADUNG)) http://www.asylabwehramt.at/Bilder/Ladung.png



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