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<nettime> re-reading the digital city


once the net was supposed to have a time of its own and people living
'on' it were thought to be faster than the rest of the world. those were
also the days of the digital city debate which was led from various
angles. Clemens Apprich has devoted a substantial inquiry into this
topic as a part of his PhD in Berlin with Joseph Vogl. A small excerpt
of his research has been given as a paper at the 'network and
sustainability' track of the 'textiles' conference in Riga in June this
year. The paper, whose real title is Reading the Digital City (I
happened to add the 're' in front for the subject line) will also appear
in a special edition of the Arts and Communications Journal edited by
RIXC. Clemens has also worked with Public Netbase when it still existed
as a place and continues to work with and I assume
netbase will form an important part of his overall thesis (yet not in
this paper presented here). 

I trust that this topic is of interest for nettimers as many of you have
been involved in this debate. It is interesting that this is now ripe
for a genealogy of sorts, an archeology of what for me still feels like
a very recent past. maybe the net wasn't so 'fast' after all ... 

Enjoy reading


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