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<nettime> Call for authors on free culture!

   One of the outputs from a recent workshop of 25 creators in
early November was the clear and identified need for more information
on business models within free culture. The workshop was a collaboration
between the CC communities in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland
and the Faroe Islands.

There's a clear consensus that there are definite advantages to
free culture, and that the particulars of free culture reforms the
current business models. In order for free culture to be viable and
attractive for creators, more effort needs to be put into the ongoing work
of identifying and highlighting the business models compatible with free

We'd like to call these business patterns: specific examples of how free
culture work. Practically, economically, and related to actual real-world

As a part of our efforts in the Nordic countries to highlight
Creative Commons and to bring awareness of free culture to Nordic
artists, we're expanding on our efforts by putting together a book of
free culture business patterns, to be made available online and in
print during 2011.

If you would like to contribute to this work by writing a chapter on
a specific business pattern, preferably one you have experience from or have
significant insight into, we would love to hear from you. We'd also like to
hear from you if you can help with the overall work of putting together this
book, for instance by helping us compile relevant materials or analysing and
investigating current business practices.

Please get in touch with the current editors to express your interest:

Christian Villum (Urlyd Records & Creative Commons Denmark) -
Jonas Öberg (The Society for Free Culture & Software) -

Wishing to hear from you,
Christian & Jonas

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