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<nettime> 30.11 :: education struggle in UK and Italy ::<>
Movement, learning: a few reflections on the exciting UK winter

*An event rocks our world. It produces a rupture in the continuous flow of
our life; is has a ?before? and ?after?, it marks a clear point or
intervention in the flow of our life and into our understanding of who we
are, what we are doing and why. An event is a powerful dynamic of
subjectivation, a movement through which we are recomposed as subjects. It?s
not a merely quantitative dynamic that determines how much of an importance
a situation takes on for us, but the degree to which we are moved by it, its
degree of resonance. An event resonates, and so we hold it dear even once
the situation that brought it about has passed: we want to stay faithful to
it. Most events are short, pass in a flash, but they can have a long echo,
many waves. [...]*

It is just the beginning!<>

These days the crisis of the Italian government, that is living an agony
since the last two months, was spread over the country: students? protests,
occupations everywhere are unfolding the political crisis. We are facing a
multiplication of its dimensions, of its temporalities. From the ?book
block? to the occupation of rail stations, airport, port, cities, the
Italian student movement is experimenting an original temporality of the
crisis: it is a non-linear time, that is a new starting point of resistance
against the European austerity. [...]

*interviews, more photos and videos coming soon!*

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