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<nettime> Colonel_Gaddafi_visits_the_Netherlands_for_the_ceremonial_handing_of_The_Eternal_Burning_Dossier_of_the_2005_Schiphol_Prison_Fire

2011 Colonel Gaddafi visits the Netherlands for the ceremonial handing of ‘The Eternal Burning Dossier of the 2005 Schiphol Prison Fire’

December 14, 2010 by Tjebbe van Tijen; the illustrated version with links and the comments of the Migrant To Migrant organisation in Dutch can be found at:

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands has ordered a retrial in the case of a Libyan national - Ahmed Issa Al Jeballi - convicted of starting a fire that in 2005 killed 11 immigrants in a detention facility near Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. This news of today evoked the following vision….

[tableau picture of Schiphol ceremonial with the following caption:

27th of October 2011 Minister Donner welcomes Colonel Gaddafi on Schiphol just before Ahmed Issa will hand 'The Eternal Burning Dossier of the Schiphol Prison Fire' to Minister Donner. Miraculously Donner will accept the dossier but will not burn his fingers. If this can be seen as a Judicium Dei or not is hotly debated. Donner is known as a staunch believer both in the hereafter and in the heretofore on earth - where his reign still sways. (click picture for full size view)]

The ‘Migrant To Migrant’ volunteer support group (M2M) that has put unmeasurable efforts to support the surviving migrants did send the following reaction (in Dutch) on this decission: (see link on the Limping Messenger)

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