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Re: <nettime> Pollock, Art History and Cold War [was: Wikileaks is old hat]

You are not convincing me of the counter argument by CLR James of  
popular culture not being the product of capitalist society

On the contrary, in the 40ties during a war industry, it seems more  
logical that women wearing trousers due to the fact they worked in  
factories where it is just more practical to wear them

Even so apart from establishing a consumer oriented class system in  
which one's economical status can be measured by its ability to show  
off its fetishes - i.e. products- the art market flourished as never  
before resulting in the 50ties succesfull launch of pop art, whose  
instruments ( Pollock, de Konink , Rauschenberg and later in the -  
still more consumer oriented world - Andy Warhol) created an enormous  
flood of consumer artworks. It is examplary that both Rauschenberg and  
Warhol came from the advertizing industry

So I cannot see in any way why - in his opinion - Adorno was wrong in  
his analysis

Andreas Maria Jacobs


On 18 Dec 2010, at 06:05, Keith Hart <> wrote:

> Like Michael, I know what I like when it comes to art, but not always
> why. But this exchange provides me with an unexpected opportunity to
> post a reflection on the history of art and role of the ruling powers
> in shaping public taste.

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