Goran Maric on Tue, 21 Dec 2010 13:14:46 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Pollock, Art History and Cold War [was: Wikileaks is old hat]

Hello, Leigh, and the rest of the <nettime> world, My goal is not to
be smarter than the other but to learn through an argument. In that
regard, I hope that my response will be published as well.

I started my last response:

“First, it is not about throwing the names for the sake of throwing
THE names, it was in context of someone TALKING ABOUT a child's
ability to do better painting than "Pollock...”

This discussion actually has arisen out of the discussions going on in
thread “Wikileaks is old hat‏” where Leigh utilized his paragraph in
order to compare “to a large extent” manufactured nature of Pollock
fame to a probability that the fame of Wikileaks might be manufactured
as well. Then this discussion about Pollock and AB art took its own
“spin” and moved away from its original thread, into the new one,
“Pollock, Art History and Cold War [was: Wikileaks is old hat]‏”...

Leigh wrote, Re: <nettime>
Wikileaks is old hat:

 “Much like standing in front of a Jackson
Pollock painting and saying, "what's so fantastic 
about that, my 5 year
old could have done it!". To a large extent, Pollock's fame was
manufactured, for a post war America, keen to dominate ideological landscapes, 
including abstract art - a movement begun in Russia some 50 years prior,
ironically enough...                                                                                                      
So, to what extent do people on this list suspect Wikileaks as spin

I apologize, for I am not that interested in engaging in discussion
about WikiLeaks, for I truly believe it is better with them than
without them, regardless of all that there is or might be.

The rest what I said stays ...

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