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Re: <nettime> P2P Gift Credit Cards - Gift Finance. Press Release.

*@paolocirio <>* beauty is difficult (and Cirio
is a nomen-omen in financial meltdown history, you can't work it out ;) #ponzi <!/search?q=%23ponzi>scheme

cirio's default history is here

in Italian (the english version does not mention all those troubles, but
google translate may do the work for you)


On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 1:36 PM, Keith Sanborn <> wrote:

> With all due respect, this sounds like a Ponzi scheme wrapped in social
> rhetoric. I have heard it done among some women I know where the model of
> the gift economy and warm fuzzy feminist sisterly sharing was used to bilk
> people. Needless to say, few were "re-gifted."  Here the booty is your email
> address or phone number. It's a bit like Walmart trying to entice you to
> their website with what amounts to a lottery.
> More details please, before I click on any link.

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