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Re: <nettime> The Deleuzian Philosophy of Julian Assange

> Regardless of whether or not Deleuze applies to Wikileaks?
> The State needs Julian, couldn?t push on without him. Wikileaks has
> revealed the entropic nature of power?the Artaud trans Delueze/Guattari Body
> w/o Organs. And the State can?t deal with a BwO. Nothing there to
> territorialize. So it creates, manufactures, inserts the organs, into
> Julian. Notice that the alleged crime is not tax evasion, or theft, or
> fraud. It?s a sex crime. The State found Julian and pinned a penis on him.
> But organs or not, the flow continues. The Julian affair is tragi-farce
> meant to pull focus away from the active process that still moves on. As
> long as we are caught up in the play, we miss/forget that the State has
> blundered itself?as it should?
> The State as ?overcoding, apparatus of capture.? *A Thousand Plateaus*,
> Deleuze and Guattari
> Lest we miss/forget that it was the State that leaked, and not the Wiki?
> ?The archaic State does not overcode without also freeing a large quantity
> of decoded flows that escape from it.? *A Thousand Plateaus*, Deleuze and
> Guattari
> ?and what escapes is consumed, and sold, and consumed--"it's a neat little
> fad"?it?s as public as private property will ever get?
> -nb

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