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Re: <nettime> Florian, Assange and Deleuze...Badiou

> *a realistic approach to the inflation of
> Assange to some kind of philosopher/activist.
> Surely his sloppy philosophy isn't anywhere close to Deleuze and to
> attempt to form-fit this into a badly interpreted Deleuzian agenda is
> at best ridiculous and at least pointless.
> Assange is so conflicted (just listen to his interviews) that it works
> against his 'principles.' To apply Deleuze's considered radicality to
> such a figure is a stretch that is both painful and that demonstrates
> a sad immaturity.* bash at Assange and his philosophy is to fall into the same trap that
Assange god-makers sit in. why waste your time?

as Felix S. points out, regardless of your attachment or anti-attachment to
Assange, something different has happened; and Deleuze/Guattari do describe
some of what is becoming (not all, but some);

but why dicker on who's philosophy does or does not deserve attention?

push on...

it matters little whether or not wikileaks ends up doing anything, compared
to the fact that it has become the event (in a Badiou sense).

The  *democratic* state has been disrupted. But, unlike a *terror* attack
which only reafffirms the notion of an enemy to democracy, this time the
contradiction of the state has been revealed/made apparent--transparency vs.
the necessary secret.

who cares about what*s in the cables. it's the state reaction to the
uncloaking of its secret that matters. it's the manifestation of the

*When the whole world is violently enchanted by the absolute consequences of
a paradox of being, the whole domain of appearing, threatened with the local
destruction of a customary evaluation, must come again to constitute a
different distribution of what exists and what does not* (Badiou, The
Communist Hypothesis).

...and more and more __________leak sites appear...

*Under the eruption being exerts on its own appearing, nothing in a world
can come to pass except the possibility--mingling existence and
destruction--of another world* (Badiou, CH).

...there is a possibility, now.


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