John Young on Sat, 25 Dec 2010 02:58:44 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Interview with Tommaso Debenedetti and Matze Schmidt about WikiLeaks

Are not all interviews fraudulent? The inept preparation, the phony
stage sets, the hiddent gang supporting and directing the narrowscoped 
performance (phonily exposed in the making of the dreck), the cosmetics 
of face, behavior, dress, sound and close-ups, the very concept is 
simulacra of a disorganized discourse, heavily edited afterwards, 
harshly scheduled and negotiated beforehand, positioned in a schedule 
of peurile dissemblings and advertisements even on those fora for 
advertising governments, perhaps especially those propagandistic 
shenanigans, especially those on RFE and public television, radio 
and free newsprint.

No doubt Google books and edu lectures and trade seminars and 
promotional colloquia and vacuous conferences on idiotic topics 
are just as senseless log-rolling backscratching, the couldn't give
a shit audiences mindwandering far away until the chance to 
interject a spasm of unct or disfunct.

God's will is to constrict bladders in the most seasoned to shorten
offensive presence. I say, speaking for yourself?

Mention should be made of the seminal initiative of Alan Sonheim's
Fiction of Philosophy which demonstrated how to do this suicidal

Hi Alan. You are being read and adhered closely.

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