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Re: <nettime> Wikileaks and Gitmo files

Ei Felix ---

and shocking, scandalous information simply leads to cynicism. Ah,
Obama is just another Bush.

my old friend Frieder Nake reminded me in an email before the election ended in 2008 that:

"The anarchists have this beautiful principal line: If elections were capable of changing anything, they would long have been forbidden."

As someone who worked for an (unsuccessful) national (independent party) candidate in the 1980 campaign -- John Anderson (yet another Harvard Law grad from Illinois) -- it was at the moment when Reagan won 489/538 electoral college votes that I realized that nothing will change. Reagan became president on the vote of only 19% of the population ...!

The systems of power/energy collection and projection of the kind showcased in the US are quite immune to political difference or "change." They have been for, say, 40-50 years perhaps? Once the basic structures of the post-war military-industrial-economic machine were put in place, the relations of power have hardly changed at all except in the details of sourcing of foundational energy sources ('foreign' oil being a primary driver among a handful of other strategic materials -- see for example).

The only solid hope for a future is a world where there are no central (super-power) points for the concentration of energy resources: for without large concentrations, there can be no subsequent directed/projected expressions of (military) power. Thermodynamics rules all these complex social systems, regardless of the ideology used to paper the surface of the system: without constant influxes of energy, the systems will tend to disorder.

A disordered (less ordered) world may perhaps be more or less safe for any particular individual, who knows, as it will hold more potential for change (as in less stability). But an increased flux of change has no moral imperative nor any ideology...

and on today's news...

"With the growth of industry comes the possibility of a predatory life; and if the groups of savages crowd one another in the struggle for subsistence, there is a provocation to hostilities, and a predatory habit of life ensues. There is a consequent growth of a predatory culture, which may for the present purpose be treated as the beginning of the barbarian culture. This predatory culture shows itself in a growth of suitable institutions. The group divides itself conventionally into a fighting and a peace-keeping class, with a corresponding division of labor. Fighting, together with other work that involves a serious element of exploit, becomes the employment of the able-bodied men; the uneventful everyday work of the group falls to the women and the infirm. — Thorstein Veblen"



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