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<nettime> The emphasis should be on the suppression of tyranny by the rule of law.

On May 2nd. I posted an article on my blog The Limping Messenger

"NATO=92s Collateral Tyrannicide: will it bring Justice and Peace?"

That article was a somewhat hasty product and has now been overhauled, =
extended and better documented and illustrated

These are two citations; opening and closing statements.

> In antiquity the slaying of a tyrant was seen as an honourable act, a =
self sacrifice for the public cause, but the institutional execution of =
murder by international associations of states seems to be of another =
order. One can not pretend to uphold a state of international justice on =
the one hand and order summary execution without trial of misbehaving =
heads of state at the other, because who will be the judge of such =
decisions? The same reasoning does apply to the execution of those who =
are labeled as terrorists. What Gaddafi, Bin Laden and Assad have in =
common is that they have been declared in public opinion as public =
enemies and as such in the political practice of today they stand almost =
no change to be brought to court alive and face their judges. They are =
on the informal 'hit list' of legal representatives of state coalitions, =
designated to die violently. Will that serve the cause of justice and =


> Will peace be served by state lead tyrannicide and assassination? I do =
not think so. The way a regime is changed determines the next one to =
come.  There is now more than half a century of experience of how to =
apply international justice. The limitations of the victor courts of =
justice of Nuremberg and Tokyo after World War II have long been =
surpassed. The examples of national and international courts for =
Yugoslavia, Uganda, Cambodia, Sudan, Congo and so on point the way. The =
emphasis should be on the suppression of tyranny by the rule of law.=20

The full version can be found at


Tjebbe van Tijen
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