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<nettime> The Revolt of a Generation: Program of the Euro-Med Happening [12-13th May, Rome]

*The revolt of a generation*

*Euro-mediterranean happening on Education, Welfare and New Political
Rome, May 12th ? 13th

*In the last two years we have participated and assisted with extraordinary
movements that have fought for a quality education, for labor rights and new
welfare against the austerity politics of the European Union. The wild
demonstrations, pickets lines and strikes, the university occupations and
the turmoil of the Mediterranean signal a generational revolt and the
necessity of a new social pact that involves all those subjects that stand
up for their rights and refuse to be blackmailed. The huge strikes last
autumn in France showed us the possibility of creating an intergenerational
alliance, as blockades of production and circulation of goods constitute
different aspects of a common struggle. In Rome, as in London, the Book
Block was a collective political practice able to speak out about the
dismantling of public universities and processes of deskilling. At the same
time, the revolts of Maghreb- Mashrek demonstrate how the construction of a
future is tightly bound to both the radical claim for democracy and with the
necessity of freedom from the parasitic and corrupt power that commands over
our lives, universities, schools and workplaces. The recent revolts and
movements have crossed national and European borders as well as the limits
imposed on education and mobility by Bologna Process to clash with the
failure of a strategy we have always opposed. The struggles of these months
have indicated that the possibility of radical change can only become
concrete through the alliance among the different actors of labor and
education, through common and transnational practices guided by those whom
put their own bodies and knowledge. We hope to give a common meaning to this
new space redefined by the conflicts in which the crises opens new
possibilities to create an "other" future. It is for this reason that we
want to initiate an open debate about the common projects we want to build
together, starting in Rome on 12 and 13th May 2011.


[ Thursday 12th May ]
*6 p.m. ? Department of Philosophy, Villa Mirafiori*

Opening workshop ? with:
Mouhamed Ali Oueled Itaief **Student of the ??cole des beaux-arts? in Tunis*
Youad Ben Rejeb **Universit? Femministe **
Trifi Bassem **Forum des jeunes pour la citoyennet? et la cr?ativit? (FJCC)
**Mondher Abidi **Union Diplom?es Chomeurs **
Wissem Sghaier **UGET Union General Etudiant Tunisi **
Tim **Uncut UK**
Maham Hashni **SOAS**
Mark Bergfeld **Education Activist Network**
Rita Maestre Fernandez **Juventud sin futuro**
Annalisa Cannito **AgMigrationUndAntirassismus**
Tatiana Kai- Browne **Plattform Geschichtspolitik*

7 p.m.

*Aperitive ? Global video session #1*
*Contributions from education revolt ? Book Bloc videos and photos **

[ Friday 13th May ]

*10 a.m. ? Department of Political Science, University ?La Sapienza?*
Conflictual knowledge: from Europe to Mediterranean area
3 p.m. ? Department of Literature, University ?La Sapienza?*
Education, Welfare and Precariousness
5 p.m. - Department of Literature, University ?La Sapienza?*
Labour, income and democracy against the crisis
*With Fiom? general secretary *Maurizio Landini *and members of tunisian
General Union* UGTT.


8 p.m. - ESC (via dei Volsci, 159)


*Global video session #2***

*Contributions and interviews from Maghreb ? Mashrek? revolts**


*follow Live-Streaming on:


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