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Re: <nettime> ISEA 2011 fees

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Thanks to everyone who has posted to the list and who has e-mailed
me privately; it's encouraging to see that so many of share these
concerns and that I am not a lone curmudgeonly graduate student!

Given the fees and my comments here I will not be able to participate
in ISEA as a presenter. However I still plan on coming to Istanbul
during ISEA to help with colleagues who are presenting work. Given
this, I am interested in organizing a parallel event to discuss, in
person, these issues in a focused setting. I would like to make this
open to those who were not able to fly to Istanbul and thus we will
need to discuss, pre-conference, how to make this happen. I think we
should have a serious meta-conversation about our desires for these
types of gatherings: what software to use for remote presentation,
what manners of participation are desired, what new platforms might
need to be developed, how our activities are imbricated with existing
flows, what blockages we might need to insert in order to redirect
those flows, etc. We can easily build upon the success of such events
like fadaiat ( and observe closely the goings on
of the European School of S! ocial Imagination (,
among others that I am probably forgetting.

Some of us in the Northern Hemisphere, like myself, are in the throes
of finishing end-of-the semester assessments. But if you are intrigued
contact me off-list and we can begin organizing in the next week or



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