roberta buiani on Fri, 20 May 2011 13:12:41 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> ISEA 2011 fees

hi all,
you say:
>  I think we should have a serious meta-conversation about our desires for these
> types of gatherings: what software to use for remote presentation,
> what manners of participation are desired, what new platforms might
> need to be developed, how our activities are imbricated with existing
> flows, what blockages we might need to insert in order to redirect
> those flows, etc.

well if you want to take this off list, let's take it off list,, but while I do realize that we need some ad hoc place where to voice any critique or make any substantial proposal, I still think that taking it off-list like you seem to suggest is a bit early. I am afraid that there will be a split between those who are going to ISEA (like me and others) and those who are not but want to participate in the discussion nonetheless. ...and as it often happens with these extemporaneous bursts, the momentum will be lost. oh, well, if this is what most people want...but  let's just make this very clear and inclusive.   

in the past few days a number of people have made some interesting suggestions on how to

1) start a conversation about how to address the issues at stake at ISEA itself (that is, on location, once the festival starts)
2) do some collective effort to help with hints and directions those who will be there and need to save every penny they can once in istanbul
3) start a meta-conversation that also includes those who won't be able to make it.

those are three separate things that can be incorporated in one place.

see for example Karla's suggestion

> I like the idea of a wiki on that. In Paralelo
( we have used the and worked
really fine. it could be an option. And since for many of us it will
be a long and expensive trip, it would be great to use the most the
time in Istambul. 
there has been quite some antagonism against single events.
as someone who has organized events (and I am sure some of you share this with me) I am aware that I am never completely in control and sometimes coherence and good intentions are trumped by  contingency. 
What I would like to see coming out of  this discussion is not a critique directed towards ISEA, but  a comprehensive and constructive critique (and action) surrounding the way these events are conceived, whom they are targeting, how we can (can we?) come out with alternatives. 

keep me on the loop. no software or platform in mind but lot to say and share


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