Dmytri Kleiner on Sat, 21 May 2011 13:42:22 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Two New Articles on Capitalism

Hello nettime, here are two new articles on Capitalism.

# Capital Doesn't Automate, It Entangles! # 

One is about the prospect of automation leading to increased leisure under

"Rather than a future characterized by gleaming fully automated robot
factories producing untold wealth while humans enjoy a life of leisure and
pursuit of higher consciousness, a more realistic vision of capitalist
automation is the panicked teenager frantically responding to various beeps
and buzzers and flashing lights in the kitchen of a fast-food restaurant."

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# Insurgent Finance! #

The other is about the prospect of a junk bond financed insurgent Venture

"Milken believed that he was a liberator that broke open the Capitalist
vaults, getting Capital in the hands of a new generation of
businesses that would otherwise have been shut out by the conservative old
elite. In some sense that is true. Milken helped fuel the rise of many
insurgents into a previously well-heeled old guard, notably himself and the
likes of Rupert Murdoch."

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Comments and feedback welcome as always. Feel free to pass on and repost.

For those of you in Berlin, Stammtisch continues at Cafe Buchhandlung each
Tuesday starting at 9pm.

Kind Regards,
Dmytri Kleiner


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