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<nettime> Friction Research Issue #4, 2011, Reclaim the Mind

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Friction Research Issue #4, 2011, Reclaim the Mind

22 May 2011, Robert Spahr ::: Panopticon ::: Crude Cruft

Welcome to the first installment of Friction Research issue #4, a
collective elaboration on New Media Art practices, based upon the received
submissions from our public call for works Reclaim The Mind, issued
September 28 2010

We start this series with the works of Robert Spahr a generative software
oriented artist whose work connects the internet ecosphere with a time
based but temporary representation of itself. Cleverly playing with
current political and societal issues, "Panopticon", shows an observative
yet intense reflection on surveillance, control and the always watching
Eye, likewise "Crude Cruft" accentuates America's position as a war going
political entity

We will successively publish our submissions in reversed chronological
order. For archival and preservation purposes a dedicated page will be
added whenever a submission is published

Previous issues of Friction Research:

Art is not about Communication, 2010
Investigating Ruptures in the Art-Political Grid, 2009
Creative Resistance, New Media as Soft Arms, 2007

--Andreas Maria Jacobs - Editor


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