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<nettime> G20 2011 dinner: dessert from the desert: a Libyan Oil Cocktai

G20 2011 dinner: dessert from the desert: a Libyan Oil Cocktail

May 28, 2011 by Tjebbe van Tijen 

The illustrated version can be found at

[tableau of President Sarkozy explaining ... with an oil reserve statistic  projected behind him]

Sarkozy explaining the recipe for the dessert from the desert at the upcoming dinner at the G8 top meeting in France May 2011: a Libyan ‘oil cocktail’ named ‘”Tour de Force de la Tour Eiffel” to be served by Apache waiters with NATO bonfires providing a festive backdrop. He makes it clear why the chosen taste is ‘Libyan’ and – say – not ‘Algerian’ or ‘Sudanese’, as there are 20 G-force countries wanting their sweet-oil-tooth to be served at a regular basis and one must make sure that there is enough constant supply of the needed ingredient.

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