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Re: <nettime> Rapture billboard

hey, all, got only a second to comment on neo-cons: remember it is a specific tendency of former socialists, almost uniformly jewish east coast (NY) intellectuals become right-wing cold war policy hawks. Hence no christian rapture. Neo cons (cf David Brooks, their bastard child) wouldn't hesitate to dump the Repubs if necessary.
martha r

On May 30, 2011, at 3:14 PM, David Mandl wrote:

Hi Patrice--

I think you're giving these people more credit than they deserve. The Neocons, whatever you think of their politics, are a pretty sophisticated bunch. The idea of the Rapture is generally associated with a crackpot (albeit growing) group of Bible Belt fundamentalists from a whole different universe. True, they've mostly been allied with the right wing of the Republican party, but it's a marriage of convenience for the Neocons. The Republicans have thrown crumbs to the religious right to gain their support politically (a brilliant and mostly successful strategy), but they surely roll their eyes at these yokels behind closed doors.

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