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Re: <nettime> 99%? 66% is more like it

%-ism is to be resisted in all its guises in favor of getting
directly exposed in general assemblies, marches, and
squats, exposed to the seasonal elements as if at hard

Lost in translation of the concerns and needs of discrete 
individuals, families and close kins, by censuses, sociologies,
ideologies, parties, movements and other manufacturies of 
distanced consent is direct listening, talking and initiating actions
which can be seen taking place and adjusted by the initiators
directly without hegemonic erasure by mass categorization
embedded in %-ism, a neologist bastard out of long-toothed 

"Class" is no longer a reliable term for constructive discourse
due to its lumpishness about large numbers of individuals and 
perdurable lack of granularity. Same for "leaders" being way too
promising of the impossible of individuals which leads to
institutionalization of unaccountable, diffuse, over-valorized
leadership such as the "institution of the Presidency" or
institutionalization, sacralization, near infallibility of "Marxism" 
aka dilletantist Marxian for that matter. Believers in such
confected terminologies swear they know what these 
hypostatzing terms mean and find them necessary pliers to
grasp slipery reality.

Hypostatism of beliefs blocks discourse and produces rants,
spiels, disquistions, agendas, policies, which in turn if ridiculed 
leads to churning, irrresolvable brawls, verbal mostly, but at 
times the basis of aggressive policies executed by leaders 
on behalf of the interests of classes they claim as quite real.

As earlier noted here, nothing aids democracy like direct 

YMMV, depending on age, health and attention deficiency.

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