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<nettime> Compilation of MIC CHECK disruptions

Dear nettimers,

it seems like the MIC CHECK, the ritualistic practice of amplifying a speaker's voice in public space through call and response, is now migrating from cities and squares to public (or semi-public) events held by the authorities in various venues. Basically, protesters bring with themselves a text and engage in call and response so as to overcome the amplified voice of authority. A very simple tactic, but quite effective, as you can see from the videos below.

The first powerful action that I know of was held at the Panel for Education Policy in New York on October 26:

Then Wisconsin governor Scott Walker (the union-buster) was mic-checked at the Chicago's Union League Club on November 3:

And yesterday Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann was mic-checked by a group of students in Charleston, SC:

I can see this spreading so as to become one of the favorite forms of contestation of the Occupy Movement. It would be interesting to know whether someone is working on a social history of the Mic Check.


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