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Hegel is dead

Axel Roch 17.11.2011

Miscellanea on Friedrich A. Kittler (1943-2011)

Recently, on the 18th of October 2011, one of our most prolific thinkers in
art, media, and culture died: Friedrich A. Kittler. You might have read this
some time ago in some sort of news. Today, on the 17th of November, he was
buried. His final place to rest is a well known graveyard: Dorotheenstadt
cemetery in Berlin with prominent neighbours, such as Bertolt Brecht, Heiner
Müller, Georg W.F. Hegel, Johann G. Fichte, Herbert Marcuse, amongst others.

The sudden but expected death of Kittler - after a long and severe illness -
allows us to take a break and think a bit about his possible contributions to
the academic landscape, as he considered universities to be his larger or
extended "kind of" family. In doing so, we need to neglect for a while the
permanent and all-round dispute and criticism of him as a person, as a
scientist, as a cultural thinker, or as a media philosopher. I would like to
give a few miscellaneous comments or subjective impressions, as I could
collect some while being one of his students some time ago. 


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