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<nettime> Whatâs the hashtag for this revolution? Barcamp November 28.11. 2011 / Umweltforum Berlin

Barcamp: How the Internet Changes our Reality
Monday, November 28th 2011 / 9:00 AM â 5:00 PM / Umweltforum Berlin

Whatâs the hashtag for this revolution?

From #solidarity to #occupy, weâre seeing the power of Internet-enabled political action all around us. Individuals can organize quickly, they can unify around ideas, they can find and spread information (and misinformation) with lightning speed. Itâs obvious that virtual platforms can have real-world impact, from the Maghreb to Main Street / Benghazi to Boston / Syria to Wall Street (pick whatever you like best). The use of Internet-based tools as catalysts for political activism is well-established, and its momentum is growing.

How can we use these new forces in our global society to productively address the chronic problems of humanity? What are the limitations of these tools and movements? How can these new tools be used by decision-makers and others to cope with our future challenges? Where do the Internet and âreal worldâ communities intersect, sharing real concern about the same issues? And how does this look in countries outside of Europe?

Join us on the 28th of November for an all-day Barcamp in Berlin to debate these questions. As part of the registration, youâre invited to propose your own session to the audience. Argue for your own ideas about whatâs right and whatâs practical. Help us find ways to direct this outstanding energy and creativity to solve problems beyond the present-day.

For more information and registration see: http://futurechallenges.org/barcamp-berlin/

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