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Re: <nettime> Debt Campaign Launch

Living "outside" the LAW means DROPPING *out* of the "system" of  
WAGE-SLAVERY -- which is the basis of going to college (where little productive  is 
learned) in order to get your "ticket" to the RAT RACE.
Why do you need a college degree other than satisfying the "rules" put in  
place by the FACTORY where you are planning to go become another SLAVE?
The college-loan debt burden you take on is just another bill you are  
expected to pay, along with the credit-card and mortgage debts -- bills that  
*require* you to have a JOB in the "system" . . . as a *slave*!!
Being "honest" (which is the more important part of the lyric) means being  
an INTELLIGENT and MORAL person, which are both needed to be PRODUCTIVE --  
for yourself and the people who matter to you.
As many have pointed out, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Marc Zuckerberg do NOT 
 have college degrees -- not that I'd wish their lives on any of the  
"innocent" people on this list.
Did Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg accomplish what they did by being  "honest"? 
 For the first two, which I happen to know personally, the  answer is no, 
they did not.  And, from what I've heard, neither has  Marc.
Why did these people "lie, cheat and steal" to get to their exalted  
positions?  At the risk of sounding naive, the answer is because they  JOINED the 
You want to lead a GOOD life where you don't need to SCREW your  friends?  
Then JUST DO IT -- but understand that you'll have to "live  outside the 
law" (of wage-slavery)!!
I've been called a "Futurist" by Forbes magazine (and a  few others) -- 
which qualifies me to say something simple . . . the FUTURE  has already 
If you really imagine that it is worth your time to push for "radical  
change to the system we all live under," then you are living in the PAST.   No 
one has ever accomplished this and EVERYONE who is *honest* knows that.
The FUTURE (which is now) is already taking place and it is *not* DEMANDING 
 that the *system* change but instead building an alternative -- one 
*productive*  life at a time.
(Will someone please cue-up the *rant* from Peter Lamborn Wilson, who I  
first met in Ljubljana at the last-ever nettime "conference," about all the  
RADICALS who just talk and never actually BUILD anything! <g>)
Start a COOP.  Build a GUILD.  Help somebody.  Help  yourself.
Get a LIFE -- which, as my business partner Douglas Rushkoff says, doesn't  
involve the INCORPORATED -- perhaps why his system-explaining book "Life, 
Inc."  was a "best-seller" in Zuccotti Park.
Mark Stahlman
Brooklyn NY

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whose  law, whose rules?  

sometimes of broolyn

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