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Re: <nettime> more on Kittler

hi margaret,

i am not a woman but I do appreciate so much that you posted this
personal perspective on Kittler, a theorist whose work influenced me
tremendously. For a list that is ostensibly focused on thinking about
the cultural and social parameters of technology, it is amazing that
you would be attacked for relating your experiences as a woman. that
is the norm on other technoscience sites/forums but i had thought
that here the audiences would be quite receptive to understanding an
embodied, anthropological experience of another person. perhaps people
here - who i've found refreshingly open, progressive and leftist about
almost all issues - can only think through progressivism and leftism
insofar as it can be "universalized" but fail to focus on the lived
and specific experiences of race, class and gender in technological
issues due to white/european privileges -- which of course often
accompany access to technology. this is disappointing, but only
conversation will make it better.

thanks again!

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Dear nettime colleagues,

I want to thank Eugen and Nancy for their heartfelt and revealing
posts about Kittler, including some valuable links that led to other
links. I will stick to my own reminiscences in my response and avoid
going into the story about the yacht and the Sirens or the sad events
that ended in a hommage with 2 bras. I found the material they
included really wierd enough to get my attention as well as honest and

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