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<nettime> Diaspora* for kids

Hey nettimers,

I'm working on a mapping art project for a community centre here in Vancouver, with my art group Something Collective  ( http://somethingcollective.ca ).  Part of my mission in this project is to re-localize teenagers - i.e. bring them into a geographical relationship to their neighbours.

The part I'm planning on leading is the documentation / dissemination portion.  That is, as people participate I want to get them to share the experiences and imagery with their social networks, but I can't bring myself to advocate facebook, twitter, google+ etc.  All my non-profit, artist and activist circles use facebook to promote things, and I don't believe it's ultimately healthy.

Why?  Well, facebook's algorithms don't necessarily have the community's best interest at heart, let's put it that way.  I'd love to see facebook get left behind like friendster or myspace at the earliest opportunity, in favour of some open-source alternative or, even better, meat-space encounters.  People on this list will have a plethora of their own qualms about corporate social media.

Despite that, though, I think reaching out through social networks will help get more people involved.

So I'm thinking of kicking in a Diaspora* element, possibly using D*'s ability to integrate with facebook as a sort of weaning / luring process.

Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with that?  Is anyone here using Diaspora?

My I.D., which I've just set up, is flickharrison@diasp0ra.ca



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