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Re: <nettime> Petra Cortright's VVebcam is removed by Google

No problem. Cortright's work is not damaged by Google's veto, the
opposite: the veto highlights the importance of her work. Google has
now become a side of reality, Cortright instead is art which is "the
step after reality". Cortright's problems will start only later, when
her work will be assimilated by magazines, Museums and all other
platforms of reality such as Google. At that point, her work will
appear to be nothing else but art. But this is the life of objects
after all and we should know it by now: when art becomes reality is
also necessary for the artist to walk a step further and un-do it.
Most artists can't make that step. Google-which as a "young man" has
been some kind of artist- definitely can't. As for Petra, she doesn't
have to worry for all this now. To say this in art-slag, "Petra is not
only "Younger than Jesus", she is also "cooler than Google".

Miltos Manetas, Rome, Dec 2011

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From: Andres Manniste <>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 12:38:13 
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Subject: <nettime> Petra Cortright's VVebcam is removed by Google

Google has banned Petra Cortright's video "VVebcam" because of her 
search terms. Her important art piece expresses the ridiculousness of 
search terms  and in the infinite wisdom of Google, is banned for its 
use of such terms!


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