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Re: <nettime> Nightmare or Opening?

The digital economy is ANTI-GLOBAL, so the shift from an "analog"
media environment (in which *both* Rockefeller and Soros operate as
they try to dominate the now long obsolete "global village") to the
already-20-years-in-our-faces DIGITIAL media environment is . . .
likely to get even more *painful*!
Recast the EUROZONE "crisis" (i.e. the realization that there will    
never be a United States of Europe) in the terms of the DIGITAL       
economy and you have the beginning of a *strategy* to deal with the   
If you keep insisting that the "financiers" did this, then you will   
completely miss what is going on. We are at the "brink" because       
people have withdrawn from the "Ouroborus" that was "consumerism"     
and now live in a DIY world where people have refused to prop-up      
"late-capitalism" any more.                                           
Arguments over who is going to PAY and who is going to SUFFER
are stupid. NO ONE is going to pay for the old system (i.e.
C(APITAL|OMMUN)ISM) and everyone is going to suffer because the
"party" is over.
If you don't get this right then you are left with the "ecstatic"     
imperatives of the "street" which only feed the SWAT team budgets.    
Baurillard was *very* ANALOG (aka "mass-media") when he said "Let us
be Stoics: if the world is fatal, let us be more fatal than it."
Human scale is anything but "fatal" . . . it is digital (i.e. using
our "digits," as in "fingers and toes.")
Mark Stahlman
Brooklyn NY

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