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<nettime> Rodney King died, the man whose beating up in 1991 triggered this mailing list: Nettime

Rodney King died today under still unclear circumstances

The man whose beating up by LA police was documented - by chance - by an amateur video camera user, which footage reached within a short time span, a local, national and international audience. It heralded the moment in which main stream media became a channel for local activist material. 

His case not only triggered a local and national uproar, but also a new ideology of what was soon to be called 'tactical media'. Grass root activism explained away by post-modern media theorists. It became a social movement with often more high brow theories than down to earth actions, with its first conference in Amsterdamin 1993: Next 5 Minutes. 

The - yet - unclear death of Rodney King, is a marker in time that challenges us to look back and see the same events with other eyes, now, almost twenty years later.

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