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<nettime> transmediale 2013 extended deadline

Dear nettimers we are extending the deadline of the call for works 
for transmediale 2013 until July 15.

transmediale 2013: BWPWAP (Back When Pluto was a Planet), Berlin, Jan 29
- Feb 03, 2013.
Back When Pluto Was a Planet: with this title transmediale 2013 will
explore the simultaneous displacement and invention that takes place in
cultural processes mediated by technology. Can impossible and
unrealistic uses and abuses of technology be translated into new
cultural imaginaries? Into networks out of place and out of time? 

More info on the call at:

Also don't forget our call for the Vilem Flusser Residency for artistic
research 2013, deadline July 31st:


Kristoffer Gansing // artistic director
BWPWAP - transmediale 2013
29.01 â 03.02, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin | find us also on twitter, flickr, vimeo and... facebook
transmediale | festival for art and digital culture berlin
Klosterstr. 68, 10179 Berlin, Germany | fon +49 30 24749 761 | fax +49
30 24749 763 Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH | Amtsgericht Berlin
Charlottenburg, HRB 41312 B Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender Volker Heller |
GeschÃftsfÃhrer Moritz van DÃlmen

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