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Re: <nettime> subjective math


Sorry, I'm too lazy to read the whole thing, but :

   1. How the hell can you ever dream to make us think that you work on
   anything more "people-centric" (what ever it means) with comments disabled
   on you Word Press blog ?
   2. Do you really think that the difference between binary thinking and
   critical (seems paradoxical only to idiots)  thinking is mathematical, or
   logical, or linguistic or semantic ?
   3. You seems to mix candidly logical truth and empirical truth. There is
   a critical difference between them : logical truth is purely internal to
   abstract system, it does not say anything about what is really going on in
   reality, it is (as) simple and clear (as possible) ;  empirical truth is a
   relation between words and facts, it is the reason's faith that facts have
   to be logical (a pretty reasonable faith, indeed) and it is the reason's
   challenge to find logical systems that explain how the things really work -
   but things do not reduce to words and their description can always be
   improved and forever. Finding logical systems that describes quite well our
   world, improve logic to cross the gap tot reality, is the endless task of
   reason in the History of Man. You can not deal with this with percentages
   as you did. Is this truth 51% or 49% true? Is the sentence : "This sentence
   is 49% true" true or false or 49% true?
   4. Many people thinks, with some reasons, that the world is frightening
   and binary thinking is an answer to this fear. Of course, binary thinking
   is certainly one of the main cause that make the work so frightening. So,
   trying to avoid binary thinking should certainly be a way to make the world
   better, but it seems to me a psychological, cultural, political problem.
   And, have you ever think that your paradoxical thinking could be used in a
   binary way? Binary people are sometimes clever, you know.
   5. Recommended reading:* The Machine That Won The War* by Isaac Asimov
   (you can get it there :

"7. Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent", Wittgenstein,
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (get it there : )


St??phane Mourey

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