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Re: <nettime> P2P Foundation: A Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy (new book)

 This is a fascinating study and while it's couched in business terms,
after all it was commissioned by French Telco Orange, it raises,
particularly in chapters 4 and 6, an intriguing question:

Are markets retreating, after decades of expansion, even as the public
sector shrinks as well?

There are two new ways in which they appear to retreat.

One is the de-commodification of products. Things that used to be
produced for exchange-value in the market, are now produced for
use-value within communities. Wikipedia is the clearest example. It
de-commodified general purpose encyclopedias. Open Access is doing the
same to scholarly publications. Linux has been doing this to operating
systems, Drupal for content management systems, etc.

The second is the contraction of entire markets. The obvious case here
is rapid rise of car sharing. The Economist has recently estimated
that car sharing can lower the number of cars necessary to provide
mobility by the factor of 15, that is, only about 6% of cars as
compared to individual ownership [1]. Or open source software, for all
the success that some open source software business have, the size of
the old markets destroyed by it, is probably much larger then the size
of the new markets created by it.

[1] http://www.economist.com/node/21563280?frsc=dg|a

On 09/26/2012 07:35 AM, Patrice Riemens wrote:
>Bwo Michel Bauwens
>* Report: A Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy. By Michel
>Bauwens, Nicolas Mendoza and Franco Iacomella, et al. Orange Labs and
>P2P Foundation, 2012.
>URL = http://p2p.coop/files/reports/collaborative-economy-2012.pdf
>Summary via:

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