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Re: <nettime> P2P Foundation: A Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy (new book)

On 09/28/2012 12:22 PM, Jaromil wrote:

"collaborative" rather than "cooperative" - maybe this is just a
prank to make Volker Grassmuck hangry :^)

Open source collaborates, free software cooperates :)

There is a re-branding going on to make this business-friendly. And
business friendly it has become: Now even CBit, one of the largest
electronic fairs, has announced the "Shareconomy" (what an ugly term!)
has it main theme for 2013.

 "New information and communications technologies provide the
foundation. The sharing phenomenon is proving in all of its facets to
be a pivotal factor in achieving responsible growth."


For me, the political test for all these things is whether they are
set as alternatives to commodity markets and private ownership, or
as alternatives to public infrastructures. In the first case, one
might get something interesting, in the second it's compassionate


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